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Mobile procedures

What we can do at home


This list provides a guide for procedures that can be done at the bedside in your home, board and care, or assisted living facility.   Most people have questions.  Please call us to discuss. 

Quality dental care at your bedside


Comprehensive oral examination

Oral cancer screening

Digital mobile x-rays

Digital mobile photographs

Routine prophylaxis (cleanings)

Professional teeth whitening

Fluoride treatment

Gum treatment deep cleaning (scaling and root planning)

Fillings limited

Extractions limited 

Gingivectomy or laser surgery limited

Emergency dental treatment at your home


Emergency visit/professional visit to the bedside 

Emergency palliative treatment (incision, drainage, abscess/pain relief, and

temporary filling).  We help homebound seniors, patients with dementia and Alzheimer's by coming to you.

Restorations at your house


Impressions and models

Full denture fabrications 

Partial denture fabrications/ flipper

Snap on smile

Night guard or Occlusal guard fabrication

Denture reline

Denture adjustment

Denture repair

Re-cement crowns/bridges

Occlusal adjustments

Office only procedures - NOT at home


Oral surgery/ extractions complicated such as wisdom teeth

IV sedation 

Root canals

Major restorative such as crown and bridges, post, implants, veneers, and inlays/onlays

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